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Apple Cinnamon Almond Steel Cut Oats


2013-10-16r 10.37.55

Just a quick recipe to jump start the fall weather. There isn’t anything much better than a warm, sweet, hearty breakfast when the rain is falling and the leaves begin to turn (sorry for the cheesy start, but it is just so true).

1 packet instant steel cut oats (President’s choice makes an excellent one)
1 tbsp (collectively) hemp seeds, buckwheat groats, and chia seeds
1 tbsp chunky almond butter
1/2 an apple, cut into small bite sized cubes
1 tsp cinnamon
almonds, roughly chopped
1 tbsp raisins, soaked in hot water to soften
3 medjool dates, roughly chopped
maple syrup

1. Put oats, chia/hemp/buckwheat, cinnamon in a microwave safe bowl. Add water (add packet describes) and prepare as necessary.
2. Stir in almond butter.
3. Top with chopped almonds, raisins, dates, apples, maple syrup and additional cinnamon.


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