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Grain Free Chai Energy Bars


DSC_0018I’m discovering just how sensitive your stomach becomes to junk food after being (fairly) healthy a majority of the time. One piece of milk chocolate and bam! I’m running to the bathroom every 30 seconds, sick to my stomach all night. It’s a reminder that our bellies are not waste buckets and we shouldn’t be treating them like dumpsters (even if it tastes damn good).

People often don’t realize how great spices can be for your health and how much distinct flavor you can add by simply adding a variety of spices to your energy bars. Cardamom is an excellent source of iron and magnesium, ginger has healing and soothing properties, and coriander seeds have a surprising amount of vitamin C, unlike most dry spices. Along with a variety of nuts and seeds (and other yummy components), you can have a perfect mid day pick me up with an infinite amount of nutritional benefits. Who knew optimal health could be so good?

DSC_0017You can easily add whatever nuts and seeds you want to this recipe.

You can find the recipe at Healthful Pursuit



2 thoughts on “Grain Free Chai Energy Bars

  1. Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit

    Hey! I’m so very happy that you liked my recipe, well done! I love the photos you took. And you’re right, a little spice can completely switch things up in such an awesome way! You should try Chinese 5-Spice. So good!

    Since you didn’t change my recipe, I was hoping that you would be open to directing your lovely readers over to my site for the recipe instead of listing it here?

    1. grubography Post author

      Of course no problem! I didn’t think of trying Chinese 5 spice. That would add way more actual spice than just subtle notes from each one (which is what I seemed to be picking up). Thanks for the comment! I am frequently checking your blog for amazing recipes! Talk soon!

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